Thank you for the empathy and compassion you displayed. you are wonderful and candor with the advise and knowledge you provided me. you gave me courage regardless what the odds were. I wish you the best in all of your en devours , please keep in touch with me. you are the only Gyn doctor I trust Thank you once again

- Barbara (Patient)

Dr Agrawal is so wonderful. She makes you feel comfortable and takes time to explain any questions in a way that you understand. I never felt rushed, or stupid for asking a question. I highly recommend her.

- Khyati B. (Patient)

Dr. Agarwal is so sweet and knowledgable. I have had certain complications for a couple of years and she is the only GYNO I have seen that has given me a true solution. Not only is she knowledgable, but she is so understanding and caring that I felt very comfortable being honest with her about personal information. She makes seeing a gynecologist a true pleasure rather than an awkward experience. I recommend her without any inhibitions.

- Jessica H.(Patient)

Most of my doctors laugh in my face and call me a hypochondriac, even though I suffer from terrible allergies that elevated my blood sugars and caused an onset of urticaria... as well as something else. Then I made an appointment with this angel! Dr. Agarwal LISTENED (I cannot emphasize this word enough) without judgment to MY complaints and offered a direct solution. She did not tell me what she "thought" was wrong with me, but instead worked with my health background to understand all base issues at hand. Then she proceeded with testing and did not do more than was needed. We worked together as a patient and a doctor should, with complete trust and honesty. I explained to her all the previous testing that had been done (so other testing won't be duplicated) and then she came to the conclusion as to what is wrong with me. Since my review is "incognito" well here it goes... I had candida! She then gave me my prescriptions and precise details on how to use it properly. Most doctors won't even tell you these things... you'll have to rely on those little papers they staple on to those paper drug bags you get at the pharmacy. I got many refills! What more could you ask for? Note about office: 1) She is trying at the moment to accept all insurances to save the world. 2) If insurance doesn't cover a specific part of your plan, she will tell you upfront what the fees are or they will decide a more affordable method of payment for you. The assistant also works her best to contact your insurance for you. 3) For lab testing if your insurance cannot accommodate you, she will give you all the steps you need to get it done. 4) She will call you with results instead of letting you waste time and money to do another consult. 5) They are soft spoken and understanding, so don't be afraid!

- by a Verified (Patient)

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